Alabama's children will live and play in a toxic free environment.  Businesses and governments will reduce the use and prevent the release of air pollutants that are harmful to human health. Parents and caregivers will not be forced to stay indoors on bad air days or to take their at-risk family members to the hospital as a result of air pollution.  We see declines in asthma, learning disabilities, cancer and other health problems triggered by pollution, especially among children.  


Alabama will have air that is free of toxics to human and ecological health as well as decreased industrial pollutants resulting in clean air to pass down to future generations. 

Key Strategies: 

► Educate citizens about the health impacts of breathing pollution and empower everyone to act on behalf of their inherent right to clean air.

► Initiate rulemaking at the state level that will provide guidelines to protect human health from dangerous impacts of air pollution.

► Promote business and industry participation in programs to improve air quality. Demonstrate the correlation between clean air and a thriving economy.


Major Clean Air Program Activities:

  • Participation on panel discussion on call in show on WBHM Alabama Public Radio regarding Air Quality. Program Coordinator Jenny Dorgan joined participants from Alabama Power Company, Jefferson County Department of Health and good friend Nelson Brooke from BWRK. Click here to listen.
  • Organized hundreds of citizens in support of clean air and against rollbacks of air quality standards; engaged a standing room only crowd at a public meeting at our state regulatory agency in support of clean air
  • Continued litigation with Sierra Club and Our Children's Earth against violators of the Clean Air Act—the Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Participated in and promoted Alabama's CommuteSmart program
  • Published numerous Letters to the Editor, Opinion Editorials in publications statewide calling for Clean Air solutions and protection of air quality standards
  • Worked with ADEM Reform Coalition allies to promote improvements to Alabama's Air Toxics programs
  • Reached out to network of nationwide state regulatory agencies and organizations for support of efforts in Alabama
  • Continued focus on an ongoing environmental justice issue of potential exposure to toxic air pollution in South Alabama
  • Met with and educated elected officials and decision makers such as Governor Riley, Congressman Artur Davis, EMC Commissioners and others regarding Alabama's air pollution issues and air quality regulations; provided mountains of briefing papers and background data
  • Reviewed proposed ADEM Air Modeling Plan and the state of Alabama Ambient Air Monitoring Consolidated Network Plan and provided formal public comment
  • Provided leadership and days of action in Alabama for national and regional campaigns
  • Promoted renewable non-polluting sources of energy and--through much of our Energy program work--reached farther toward our goals for Clean Air.
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