Alabama Environmental Council’s (AEC) is becoming the non-profit authority on energy for Alabama. AEC is seeking ways to meet Alabamians’ current energy needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, which fits directly with our mission. AEC provides environmental and economic information on energy based on sound scientific research and analysis. Honoring its grassroots background, AEC is generating opportunities for Alabamians to shape a long-term, safe, secure, affordable, and clean energy future.

Currently, AEC is best known as the non-profit authority on recycling through promoting effective and reasonable alternatives to the unnecessary over-use of landfills in Alabama. It is applying the same approach to energy issues by promoting efficiency, conservation, renewable and alternative sources of energy, and a transparent process for all stakeholders to have a voice in shaping Alabama’s energy future.  Incentives, partnerships, and voluntary initiatives play an important role, but AEC also recognizes that legal and regulatory actions must be taken to insure that all Alabamians can participate in energy decisions that affect their well-being.

The objectives of the POWER-UP CAMPAIGN are to reduce energy bills through efficiency and conservation, to cultivate opportunities for renewable and alternative sources of energy, and to shift energy choices for a clean and healthy environment for all Alabamians. Ways to achieve these objectives include:

  • collaborating and serving as a resource to traditional and non-traditional allies, agency staff, elected officials, clean energy businesses, industries, and citizens across Alabama;
  • becoming a clearinghouse for technical research and analysis and identifying and promoting best practices from other parts of the Southeast and across the country that could have positive impacts in Alabama;
  • advocating for increased transparency and public participation in rate setting and the Integrated Resource Planning process;
  • working for better enforcement and regulation of current and future electric generation across our state to decrease negative impacts;
  • conducting education campaigns and building awareness in communities to create a cohesive voice for change;
  • building relationships with key decision makers, energy regulators and energy providers;
  • addressing the water-energy connection, including energy savings potential through water savings and use of water for electricity generation.

Highlights of success include recent year's POWER-UP Energy Forums:

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