Alabama Environmental Council



The Executive Director of Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) reports directly to the Board President and takes direction from the Board of Directors for all activities and actions. This is an exempt, full-time position. The following highlights, but is not limited to, the full range of the Executive Director's responsibilities:



Take direction from, and support all activities associated with, the Board of Directors, including but not limited to:

  • Report to and maintain effective work relationship with the Board and its Executive Committee
  • Work with President to plan Board meetings and Annual Retreat, including meeting agendas and logistics
  • Prepare all documents requiring Board oversight and submit meeting documents at least 5 businesses days in advance of Board meetings
  • Attend all Board meetings and Annual Retreat
  • Oversee and manage Board activities including fundraising, membership and other committee work
  • Manage councils and committees including development and implementation of annual plans/budgets for inclusion in overall Annual Work Plan and Budget
  • Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the Board as appropriate



  • Work with Board to update and refine the 5-Year Strategic Plan annually
  • Develop programs, partnerships, and finances that support the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Lead the evaluation process for the strategic plan, including measurement
  • Develop a multiyear approach to growing the organization
  • Recommend to the Board, as needed, new information technology and financial systems that will support the organization's ability to implement the strategic plan
  • Develop an Annual Work Plan and Budget that provides step-wise progress towards the 5-Year Strategic Plan



  • Obtain input from Treasurer and Bookkeeper to prepare bi-monthly financial reports and annual AEC budget. Prior to each Board meeting:
    • Prepare accounting entries on schedule
    • Submit to Bookkeeper who processes and returns to Executive Director
    • Review and make any needed corrections with Bookkeeper
    • Submit to Treasurer to create bi-monthly financial report, detailing revenues and expenses
    • Conduct a bi-monthly forecasting of annual budget status and develop recommendations for Board action if needed—projections and recommendations shall be especially rigorous for the last two quarters of the budget year
    • Conduct final review
    • Submit to Board prior to Board meeting (at least 5 business days in advance of Board meetings)
  • Develop an annual near-final, balanced Budget in September for Board review and approval—including 1-page summary table and draft Annual Work Plan describing assumptions and strategies for each AEC program
  • See that revenue/expense targets are reasonable so organization operates within Budget and maintains positive cash flow
  • Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board
  • Ensure Federal and State tax returns are filed correctly and in a timely manner, with Board review
  • Work with Bookkeeper to ensure:
    • Sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed and procedures are implemented in a timely fashion
    • All monies owed to AEC are invoiced, collected and deposited
    • All monies owed by AEC are paid
  • Manage the accounting system that provides the organization with quick access to financial information and enables strategic budgeting
  • Manage all staff
  • Manage AEC contracts and contractors
  • Record-keeping—should be done in accordance with IRS record retention time requirements, and includes:
    • Manage and maintain all organization's short and long-term records and make available to Board members upon request
    • Maintain and continue AEC historical documentation
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer, direct Board in complying with its Financial Policy for cash reserves, cash handling, and treatment of restricted versus unrestricted reserves and reserve policy.




  • Act as primary fundraising coordinator for the organization and implement an effective strategy that may be revised annually (include in Annual Work Plan)
  • Engage Board in fundraising for the organization
  • Proactively identify and solicit additional funding through corporate donations, sponsorships, and grants, as well as new and diversified sources as needed to ensure reliable funding even in down economies
  • Maintain and grow sponsor relations and sponsor solicitation strategies
  • Build and maintain relationships with state and federal funding agencies


  • Act as primary membership coordinator and implement an effective strategy that identifies new and expanded membership categories and organizations consistent with the 5-Year Strategic Plan (include in Annual Work Plan)
  • Oversee membership information, renewals, and acknowledgements
  • Solicit and retain new members
  • Update member recruitment materials as needed
  • Ensure members receive promised member benefits
  • Ensure members receive appropriate attention throughout the year (not just during fundraising)
  • Identify and coordinate additional training and networking opportunities for members
  • Promote active participation by volunteers and AEC members in organization's work

Communications & Board Elections

  • Identify and solicit opportunities to highlight AEC and AEC member activity to the media
  • Assist as needed with newsletter production and ensure timely distribution to members
  • Oversee web updates, social media, and all electronic communications used to convey time-sensitive information to members
  • Ensure preparation of AEC’s Annual Report including accomplishments, budget, etc. by staff and/or Board members
  • Assist Nominations Committee Chair as needed with soliciting and announcing Board candidates and tabulating results of elections


  • Assist Annual Meeting Committee Chair as needed with program, budget, sponsors, logistics and marketing
  • Coordinate and manage annual events, including but not limited to:
    • Coordinate communications and activities of committee, staff, Board and conference contractor
    • Ensure these areas run smoothly and are completed on time using tracking tools or conference planning guide documents: site logistics; sponsors and exhibitors; promotion and marketing (media relations); registration; program and keynote speakers; program evaluations; awards; silent auction and other fundraising tools; and gala
    • Staff events
    • Negotiate contract that is beneficial to AEC and brief Board on contract terms
    • Monitor and administer event budgets, and report final performance outcomes to Board
    • Solicit future event proposals (site, contractor, etc.) and prepare bids for Board approval


  • Oversee Policy Committee activities and liaise with the Board, staff, and committee chair to ensure appropriate communication of committee discussions and progress
  • Assist Board, committee, and staff as needed in representing AEC on external policies, building winning coalitions for legislation, issuing action alerts
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with community members, local and state government, media and like-minded organizations
  • Represent AEC at public events to increase public awareness of AEC and its programs
  • Seek opportunities for AEC to contribute to the public debate on issues of concern, and coordinate with Board and members as appropriate
  • Assist Board and committees to maintain working knowledge of significant developments and trends in field so AEC can provide timely updates and education materials to members, as well as serve as a leader in the state in environmental literacy and sustainability arena
  • Work closely with the appropriate staff and obtain their involvement in producing and publishing materials



  • Train staff, Board members, and volunteers as needed on operational matters, relevant topics, etc.
  • If needed, train replacement Executive Director if mutually agreed by the Board and the Executive Director




  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant management, administration, and/or environmental field
  • Minimum of five years’ of non-profit leadership experience including membership and fundraising or sales experience
  • Proficiency with organizational accounting and finance management including demonstrated experience developing and managing budgets
  • Effective communication skills including demonstrated experience coordinating and motivating multiple volunteer, sponsor, and contractor groups
  • Strong organizational planning and visioning capabilities


  • Working knowledge of recycling, solid waste industry, energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies (or similar environmental/resource conservation field), preferably in the Southeast region
  • Event planning, legislative/regulatory advocacy and public relations experience
  • Flexible schedule that can accommodate some evening and weekend work.



Salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience. Submit cover letter, resume, and salary requirements by May 1, 2017 to or mail to 4330 1st Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222. 

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