A great way to save water for our streams, tap water for drinking, and money for our pockets is to harness the rain for watering needs by building a Rain Barrel. This simple project can be accomplished in just a couple of hours with minimal, simple, carpentry skills and locally found parts.

With support from the World Wildlife Fund and Coca Cola United Bottlers in Birmingham, the Alabama Environmental Council hosts Rain Barrel Workshops. Churches, schools, libraries and community centers are great locations for these workshops. 

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Read the feature on this program in the Birmingham News

Watch the video on Daytime Alabama

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If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please let us know. Typically, it takes just under two hours and can accommodate 15-25 people. We bring all the parts & pieces, tools, and barrels to your location. We will spend 30-45 minutes showing a presentation and discussing why this is important and how to build a barrel. Then we all put tools in hand and construct barrels for everyone. It works well to do part inside, and construction outside, but we have done both inside as well. The charge is $40 per barrel, and it is better to have everyone pre-register and pre-pay to ensure we have enough materials and not to over-book as these usually fill quickly. To schedule a workshop, complete the form above and someone will be in touch with you.

Please contact AEC, not Coca-Cola, for information about Rain Barrels. Individual pre-built barrels are available for sale at the Downtown Birmingham Recycling Center for $70 each; plain, unmodified Coca-Cola barrels are also available at the Recycling Center for $15 each. You can also click below and download an instruction sheet that guides you through the process.

 2010 Rain Barrel Flyer.pdf