Support recycling at the Community Recycling Center. The Downtown Birmingham Recycling Center has moved to Avondale. 

We've brought back glass recycling at the new site and you can be a huge help to keep it going. There are additional costs in operating this new Center and we hope you will support it. We charge a small fee for glass recycling, only $1 for a typical recycle bin's worth, about 18 gallons or 50 pounds. As we add other harder-to-recycle items, there will be costs associated with those, too. We'll keep it minimal to just help cover the cost of keeping those items out of landfills and getting it into local markets to provide resources to local manufacturers. $10 prepaid punch-cards are available for purchase to help with payments and timely drop-off.

Memberhsip has it's privileges! For each $50 membership, you'll receive one prepaid $10 punch card. This can be used for any of the fee-based items at the Center. 

But wait, there's more! The new expanded site will play host to community workshops and educational programs. A little further down the road, we will open a retail space for reused goods and other items like artwork made by local artists from recycled materials.