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We provide a 40-yd roll-off bin for any miscellaneous metals that can be recycled. This ranges from soup and dog-food cans, to re-bar and expanded metal, hangers, nuts and bolts, and more. We are a community drop-off and do not pay for any of these materials.


Ferrous metal is magnetic and derives from iron or contains iron along with other metals such as steel. Materials in the ferrous metal category can be further organized into subcategories.  Mainly it covers steel cans (e.g., your canned vegetables) and lids from glass jars can usually be included.  However it does NOT include full cans, spray/aerosol cans (unless instructed) or cans with paint or hazardous waste.  There are special Houshold Hazardous Waste Days in many counties and municipalities throughout the year. 


- Does the AEC dropoff accept Mixed Steel?  Yes.  At the AEC Dropoff, steel cans and some scrap metal are accepted.

- What kind of metals are ferrous?  Anything that is magnetic, basically anything that contains some iron: Carbon steel, Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron are all ferrous.

- What kind of things are ferrous metals typically found in?  Iron fencing, lots of car parts, many appliances, lids from glass jars, etc.  If you put a magnet to it and it sticks, it's ferrous.

- What kind of metals are NOT ferrous?  Everything else: Aluminum, copper, brass, precious metals, tin, zinc, lead, etc.

- What kind of metal is not recyclable?  Anything that has contained hazardous waste, especially paint cans, aerosol spray cans, oil filters. 

Dropoff Locations Accepting Steel/Mixed Metals
Location Address Link to map
Standard Iron and Metal
1933 Vanderbilt Road
Birmingham, AL 35234
Acipco Recycling
3135 Daniel Payne Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35214
Alabama Environmental Council
4330 1st Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222
Schnitzer Steel Southeast
515 1st Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35204
Recycle USA, Inc.
6147 Sunrise Drive
Pinson, AL 35126
H.R.H Metals Inc
905 Markeeta Spur Rd
Moody, AL 35004
Jefferson Iron & Metal Brokerage
3940 Montclair Rd. Suite 300
Birmingham, AL 35213
Sims Metal Management Alabama, Inc.
2020 Vanderbilt Rd
Birmingham, AL 35234
Lee County DROPOFF 7
"12" Disposal Site on Lee Road 240
Opelika, AL 36803
Lee County DROPOFF 6
Motts Disposal Site on US Highway 280/431 in Smiths Station
Smiths Station, AL 36877