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The mixed paper compactor at our site accepts all mixed paper as well as cardboard and newspaper all in one bin.


Mixed paper consists of your junk mail, magazines, phone books, books, paper bags, shoe boxes, paper towel and toilet paper rolls and much of the packaging that your consumables come in (cereal and dried foods boxes, etc.)  Sometimes office paper is separated out because of the higher value of pure white paper pulp over mixed pulp.


- Can I recycle my __________ ?  The short answer to this question is almost always yes!  A good rule of thumb is "If it rips, it recycles"!  Almost all paper products can be recycled and many dropoffs accept all types of paper products mixed together.  The main thing is that it is not contaminated by food particles or grease.

Dropoff Locations Accepting Mixed Paper
Location Address Link to map
Alabama Environmental Council
4330 1st Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222
KMAC Services
2631 F L Shuttlesworth Dr
Birmingham, AL 35234
Randolph Elementary School
7259 Bibb County Road 36
Randolph, AL 36792
Lee County DROPOFF 7
"12" Disposal Site on Lee Road 240
Opelika, AL 36803
Lee County DROPOFF 6
Motts Disposal Site on US Highway 280/431 in Smiths Station
Smiths Station, AL 36877
Lee County DROPOFF 4
District 2 Disposal Site on Alabama Highway 51
Opelika, AL 36803
City of Clay
6757 Old Springville Road
Pinson, AL 35126
Lee County DROPOFF 5
29S on US Hwy 29 south of Auburn
Opelika, AL 36803
Lee County DROPOFF 3
Bottle Disposal Site on US Hwy 280W
Opelika, AL 36803
Lee County DROPOFF 2
Backwaters Disposal Site on Lee Road 379
Opelika, AL 36803