The Alabama Environmental Council Announces Drop-Off Recycling Trailers in Local Communities:

Trailers have been placed in strategic locations around Jefferson County where there previously was no access to recycling:

Gardendale: 325 Main Street, 35071

Leeds: 8475 1st Avene SE, 35094

Clay: 6757 Old Springville Rd, 35126

These recycling hubs give residents and visitors the chance to participate in recycling paper, plastics, steel cans, and aluminum cans. The hubs create the opportunity to monitor recycling participation which will be helpful in identifying locations for larger drop-off centers or curbside programs in the future.

The trailers are monitored regularly in order to keep contamination low, which in turn will earn the best return on material. The full trailers are transported to a local material recovery facility (MRF) for processing and rebates on the materials will help cover the operational costs of hauling and maintaining the trailers.