More About This Survey (FAQs)

The information you give us about your obstacles, opportunities and recommendations will also be used anonymously to summarize solar industry and citizen views on our state's current practices as well as changes that could improve the ability to do solar business here. For more information about our ASK project, go to AEC volunteers and staff are collecting the data; UAB GIS students and their professor will map it. The map should be ready by summer 2015 and will be updated quarterly thereafter. A preliminary summary of survey comments will be on the agenda at AEC's POWER-UP Forum in February, 2015. 

We've been inspired in part by Georgia's strides in the solar arena - and their interactive map of solar installations and businesses at Alabama is lagging behind in this clean power and jobs arena - actually 49th in solar jobs per capita. Georgia is 32nd and in 2013 had the fastest growing solar market in the nation. The ASK project is designed to let us know visually where we are with tapping the sun for our benefit. With your help we can provide accurate information for the public and policymakers - not only about where we stand, but also about your collective perspective on where we could be going. 

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